Good reasons to use MELLERUD CARAVAN

  1. Premium quality, tried and tested a million times over.
  2. Developed and tested with experienced caravan and motorhome experts.
  3. Easy to use and rapid, visible cleaning results.
  4. Cleaning and care that preserves value and is gentle on materials.
  5. Optimum cleaning power with the lowest possible environmental impact.
  6. All CARAVAN products are fitted with childproof closures.
  7. The cleaning and care products are perfectly matched and complement each other.
  8. Our own laboratory team are continuously developing new products and further developing the CARAVAN range in close collaboration with caravan and motorhome experts.
  9. Expert advice on all matters of cleaning and maintained caravans and motorhomes can be obtained by calling the MELLERUD product hotline on Tel.: +49 (0)2163 95 09 0-999.
  10. The CARAVAN range is the same as for all MELLERUD products: by choosing MELLERUD, you're not buying a cleaning agent but the solution to a problem.